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Why Jyotish?  Eastern Astrology?

Jyotish is a way at looking at what your karma (spiritual lessons are for this lifetime).  If we can understand what the karma is, then we can make changes, and we can use practices such as specific mantras based on your chart.  There are over a 100 charts in Jyotish and it is a reflection of what is in the subtle body and subconscious mind  There are also certain time periods that we go into that give rise to different types of karma.


What are the Benefits:

Life changes in a positive way

Happier and more peace of mind

Mantras increase neurotransmitters as well as activate the brain for spirituality

Wisdom of what is happening and going to happen in your life so you can make discerning choices with clarity

Spiritual guidance

Constant support over time

Pursue your strengths and eliminate difficulties

Using the tool of Jyotish (Eastern Astrology) you can receive mantras based specifically on your chart. Most people doing Jyotish do not provide these amazing remedies!

Contact: mantra.meditation1008@gmail.com

860 951 5672

What you can do with Jyotish:

Attract the partner that you want

Create the life that you want

Have the career of your dreams

Compare charts to see if you should work with a specific business partner, see the dynamic with a relative or a romantic partner

Determine if it’s a good time to move, career change or any life transition

Create perfect health

Have peace of mind

Progress Spiritually

Create a balance and harmony in your life

TriDevi Mantras are powerful Sanskrit sounds that create divine frequencies and burn negative karma.  Mantras are tools for spiritual power.  Mantras are made up of Sanskrit words.  Sanskrit is a vibrational language made up of 50 sounds.  Each sound corresponds to a petal on the first 6 chakras.  “Manas” means mind and “tra” means to set free.  By silently chanting these words, you are energizing prana and creating a specific vibration in your subtle body.  The heat generated from the practice burns any karmic debris in the subtle body.  The intention of the mantra gives a specific flavor.  They are a form of bhakti yoga (a way to connect to God through devotion).  You become whatever you think.  Mantras are spiritual formulas producing a specific result, previously tested and verified by an ancient sage.  Which mantra you do is guided by what you would like to accomplish.

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