Mantras are powerful Sanskrit sounds that create divine frequencies and burn negative karma.  Mantras are tools for spiritual power.  Mantras are made up of Sanskrit words.  Sanskrit is a vibrational language made up of 50 sounds.  Each sound corresponds to a petal on the first 6 chakras.  “Manas” means mind and “tra” means to set free.  By silently chanting these words, you are energizing prana and creating a specific vibration in your subtle body.  The heat generated from the practice burns any karmic debris in the subtle body.  The intention of the mantra gives a specific flavor.  They are a form of bhakti yoga (a way to connect to God through devotion).  You become whatever you think.  Mantras are spiritual formulas producing a specific result, previously tested and verified by an ancient sage.  Which mantra you do is guided by what you would like to accomplish.

FAQ mantras: What are mantras? Mantras are tools for spiritual power.  Mantras are made up of Sanskrit words.  Sanskrit is a vibrational language made up of 50 sounds.  Each sound corresponds to a petal on the first 6 chakras.  “Manas” means mind and “tra” means to set free.  By silently chanting these words, you are energizing prana and creating a specific vibration in your subtle body.  The heat generated from the practice burns any karmic debris in the subtle body.  The intention of the mantra gives a specific flavor.  They are a form of bhakti yoga (a way to connect to God through devotion).  You become whatever you think.  Mantras are spiritual formulas producing a specific result, previously tested and verified by an ancient sage.  Which mantra you do is guided by what you would like to accomplish.

Why is chanting Mantras worthwhile? My goal is to empower you to truly make all the changes you would like in your life.  Everyone can have health, wealth, and loving relationships.  The Jyotish reading will look at what your karma is, and then we will create a plan to create harmony in your life by using mantras and pujas.  The mantras you can do yourself.  Pujas are done in ceremony for specific people. Pujas create specific frequencies on other lokas (planes of existence) that come into this realm.  They will jump start your mantra practice.  These are meant as a support for you in your work.  They are extremely powerful and will affect you in your everyday life.  For example, if you are meant to learn something by breaking your leg, with the help of the planetary remedies, this may come only as stubbing your toe.  This is because the planetary energy comes to you in a purer way, as well as the pujas change your consciousness so that you make different choices. How do we chant Mantras: Typically we chant mantras for sets of 40, 90 and 120 days.  We need to do 108 mantras seated in meditation daily and then as many as we can throughout the day (3000 is a good basis).  Sit in a comfortable posture with the spine straight, and visualize light at the third eye center.  It is helpful to have a mantra counter (digital Tally counter), mala and wrist mala. Mala means a string of beads or rosary. These can be purchased through this website.

What is a mantra and how does it work? So mantras are sets of Sanskrit sounds that originally came from rishis or advanced solitary ascetic yogis who lived long ago in caves. The Yogis would hear these sounds during deep states of meditation.  How it works is by chanting the mantra with increasing concentration, it creates a wave and strong vibration that goes into your subconscious, your subtle body, your physical body, and your physical reality.  So that wave overcomes any smaller vibrations which would be stored karmic tendencies. Your current thoughts and energy creating your environment would become over time the vibrations of the Mantra you are chanting. Those vibrations would hold that light and clear anything that is not of that vibration, whatever vibration you may be chanting.

Does a mantra have to be in Sanskrit? What if I have trouble pronouncing the words?  It does need to be in Sanskrit because Sanskrit is vibrational language. The Romance languages are meaning based so they are not going to have the same effect as the vibrational language such as Sanskrit. However, we can do our best and then be detached from the fruits of your action. My guru says Americans pronounce mantras differently, and that’s ok. They are still effective, so we don’t want to worry too much. Can I make up my own mantra?  No, we cannot make up our own mantras. These sacred formulas that came from advanced spiritual beings at a time where there was a lot more peace on the Earth. These deep spiritual beings were in a state of deep meditation at a time where the atmosphere was more conducive to spirituality.  We are not in a position to really understand in a way that they were, given the background that they had.

Are mantras a religion?  Will they conflict with any beliefs that I may already have? Sanskrit mantras come from the Vedic tradition, which has a Hindu background. However, in Hinduism the Gods and Goddesses can be understood as Divine qualities that have been personified through myths from a time when there was only the older tradition and there was not the culture there is today.  These are Divine qualities and a quality really has no reason to conflict with any religion and in fact a lot of people of all backgrounds chant Sanskrit mantras.

How do I use a mantra and can I work with more than one at the same time? There are a few different ways to choose mantras.  One would be to go to an authentic Guru, there are a lot of fake Gurus out there unfortunately and you could receive a mantra from a Guru and that would be the main mantra that you would chant for your life till liberation.  Another would be to simply pick up a book and choose a mantra.  A third way would be to go to someone such as myself who has a background in mantra and Jyotish . We will look at you karmic weather report for this life. Based on what type of karma there is, what is presently coming up and what your current needs are.  We will choose mantras to start working with in order to purify what is going on.  Of course that is not an initiation, because I am not a Guru. Although I am not a Guru because of my experience with mantras gives me the ability to help you like a guide so you can save time and be more efficient. We need guides on the path in order move ahead. Guidance also helps us avoid distractions and progress towards our goals. Also because I have chanted millions of mantras, it gives a subtle power to the mantra instruction which helps when you chant. When you receive mantra like this it has a type of power that would be much more than doing it yourself or reading it from a book. There are different mantras for different things.  There are infinite mantras and it is great to work with one mantra for a period of time and see the effects.  You can also have a specific plan where you want to work through an area of your life and bring harmony to that .There are many different mantras and a many different steps that it would take to achieve that harmony.  

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How long do I work with one mantra before changing to a different one?  Do I chant them a certain number of times, or a certain number of days? Traditionally people start with 40 days. That is the number in sacred texts.  The reason is not given, but I suspect it is the amount of time it takes to really clear the subconscious. Traditionally people do 108 while seated in the morning and evening because there are 108 major connector points in the subtle body. When you sit with concentration, it really connects you to the Light and Love of the universe and it is like charging your battery. Then throughout the day, you chant as many mantras as you can to maintain that connection. Then chant again in the evening, that way you have held that concentration throughout that day and into the night which will recharge your spiritual battery. This also helps to have a more restorative sleep.  The two most important states of consciousness are the consciousness you have before you go to sleep because it determines your dreams and the consciousness when you wake up because it determines your day. Basically chant morning and evening 108 times. Then try to maintain throughout the day.

Do I say mantras out loud or silently? Ideally you would chant mantras silently when you are chanting them along because they are in the subtle realm. It is easier to move things in the subtle realm than it is in the physical realm, and that gives the mantra more power.  There are certain exceptions, such as if you chant mantras in a group. It is good to chant them out loud because it helps to enhance the vibration that we are creating. Chanting out loud has denser vibrations, for this reason they are effective on physical problem, such as you have had knee surgery, you could chant the mantra out loud.

What are mala beads and how are they used with mantras? Malas (string of beads) are made up of different kinds sacred woods , sacred seeds and sacred herbs, such as tulsi, rosewood and rudrakshras.  These are great because in Ayurveda one way to administer remedies is to wear them on the skin because the skin is the largest organ In this way you are constantly treating yourself with an Ayurvedic herbs, which have physiological effects.  It is good to chant using malas because we build energy on them from chanting. The Mala’s have 108 beads which help us count. It also makes sure we go through the 108 connector points in the subtle body.  Because of the mala’s design we can focus on chanting without worrying about the repetition. This allows us to develop concentration on the mantra more. It also lets us know when we finished chanting one round of that mantra. Ideally you would use the same mala for your entire life because when you chant mantras on it, they continue build up vibrations. You can wear it to have those vibrations always in your energy field.

Can I use a specific mantra for a specific concern that I have in my life? Absolutely, that is exactly what we are doing with Jyotish or Eastern astrology.  We are looking at the factors on a deep level that were hidden and by using the tools of Jyotish. We can take charge of the current situation. With the information from your chart and my knowledge of mantras we can together formulate a plan tailored to your concerns.

Can I say a mantra for another person? Different teachers/gurus have differing opinions about this issue. My feeling is that it is better not to, just because it is very easy to take on other people’s karma.  For example, even when we are sitting next to someone if we are not chanting mantra or in prayer we are taking on someone else’s karma.  We have a large amount our own karma and of course the karma of our family. We also share karma with the person we are in relationship with, including their family and past relationships. We share karma with past people we have been in relationship with too. Every time you share sexual energy with someone there is a seven year energy tie, or sentence. Meaning you will share karma with them for that period.  At every moment with our thoughts, words and actions we are creating more karma, which is why we need to practice every day.  Each of us has a significant amount of karma to deal with, therefore why take on more.  What I encourage people to do is chant the mantra and then afterwards send their prayers and intention to that specific person. In this way they will receive the benefit of the mantra without you taking on their karma. However if you are already in a marriage or relationship or it is your immediate family then it is ok to chant on their behalf. Make sure to set your intentions and prayers before you start that you are doing it for them, but not taking on their karma.

What are good mantras to start with?  Om Gum Ganapatyei Namaha is a great mantra to start with because it’s a mula mantra (base) Ganesha mantra, and Ganesha is about removing obstacles and is the organizing principle, which helps to organizes your life.  Everything in the Vedic tradition is started with Ganesha.  So for people that are new that’s a fantastic place to start.

What are bija sounds, or seed sounds? Bija sounds are particularly strong parts of the mantra. These sounds have a very powerful effect and can produce results more quickly. Liberation is not about speed, it is about patience. However in the case of chanting for deeply rooted karma, Bija sounds can really help to move that out because they are so powerful.

Can I do mantras just when I have time, or is the discipline of chanting important? In discipline there is freedom. Discipline is essential, not only for liberation, but for a good quality of life.  When we chant mantras we stir up anything that is not of that vibration, and since mantras are full of Light, we stir up darkness.  This whole world is made up of positive and negative, that’s the nature of duality.  So by chanting the mantra you are going to bring up these heavier, darker forces.  It is not that attract these forces to yourself. It is like when you start to clean a room, you notice darker and dirtier spots that you left which came to the surface. The dirt was always there but now you can see more of what needs to be cleaned. In this way when we chant things always come up that forms resistances. Once we understand and have this knowledge we see it as something coming out to be cleaned and we recognize it and continue to chant mantra.  No matter how strong you are, this is just the nature of it and the resistance comes up and tries to keep you from doing the practices. When you have the discipline, it creates a type of freedom which retrains the mind. Once the mind is disciplined it has the strength to overcome the influences of negativity.

How will a Vedic Astrology (jyotish) Reading help me find a mantra? It is definitely a great place to start because you will learn things in this reading that you would never have known otherwise. The wisdom from the reading can help you understand the reasons why situations and experiences in life happen. With this knowledge comes a lot of peace and understanding which helps you make wiser choice in life and be calmer in situations, thus being able to make better choice in difficult times. With the information from the chart we choose the right mantras for you. This will save a lot of time, effort and mistakes.  Otherwise then you can spend so much time chanting so many different mantras and wonder why you are still not getting the type of change that you are looking for.