Jyotish is like having a guide. Someone to help you navigate and avoid a lot of difficulties you may have encountered otherwise, to give you deeper insight into what is happening in your life and to support you. Mantras work on a vibrational level by clearing the sub conscious, clearing the subtle bodies and physical bodies. This is not a type of psychological treatment. Mantra digs deeper than that.  When we chant we create a specific vibrations that is a resonance of one of the divine qualities. Hinduism and the Vedic tradition, which is source of yoga are monotheistic.  The different gods and goddesses are qualities or aspects of the Divine that have been personified through myths.  Originally when these teachings were being spread, it was done through the oral tradition.  We didn’t have the type of resources that we have today.  Through these myths we are better able to understand these qualities.  There are 50 petals in chakras one through six, and there are 50 sounds in the Sanskrit alphabet.  Rishis, or seers, advanced yogic beings in caves originally heard these sacred sounds during deep states of meditation, and they passed them down.  A lot of this knowledge was kept secret and now it is being made available to all.  To have a human birth with enough health, wealth and supportive relationships is a huge blessing. To be able to have the ability to do practices and also to have the mindset to do them is incredibly rare.  We actually accrue negative karma when we have the ability to do spiritual practices and we don’t do them.  Jyotish is based on cycles, and in life we go through cycles of different types of karma.  Everything in life always changes.  The only thing that is stable is the all-pervasive consciousness.  By using mantra, we can tune into this Divine Light and Love in the morning by doing our practices, and hold this light throughout the day by chanting our mantra and then return to this light in the evening. The more we focus on the mantra, the more we have equanimity and detachment. Chanting mantra develops the qualities of true love and authentic compassion inside of us.

How can Jyotish be helpful to me and my life? Jyotish can help you to get to the root of what is going on in your life and provide karmic remedies that will change the pattern from the ground up. It is like looking at the situation from a mountain top and getting specific instructions.  We can also see what situations we are unable to affect and work to gain understanding and acceptance around this.  This reading will provide the information you need to start to make authentic change in your life, in a positive way.

What is Gauri’s training in Jyotish? My training in Jyotish comes from an Indian monk who lives in a monastery and has been studying and practicing Vedic philosophy for the last 30 years. He also comes from a lineage of Jyotish practitioners, including his father who was a Vedic Astrologer. Upon take him on as my Mentor. The first thing he asked of me was to understand the planets.  In order to understand them on a more subtle level, I chanted million on planetary mantras. This process took several years.  He told me I could not really do Jyotish if my own life was not harmonious. This was another major step in my learning process. My Mentor imparted key lesson to me, which he had observed from working with people his entire life. His patience and authentic teaching style along with my efforts give me the necessary training to understand Jyotish and how apply it in various situations.

What is the cost and length of a Jyotish session? $175 for a  50-minute session, or available in packages.  The cost is $225 for a 90 minute session.

Can sessions be done online instead of in-person? Yes! At this time, all sessions are completed via Skype or Face Time or over the phone using a free conference call line (for those that do not have Skype available). Meeting in-person is not required.

I don’t know the time of my birth?  Can I still get a reading? Since my focus is on helping to give you remedies. I do provide Mantra Consultations where we can see what is going on in your life and discuss remedies.  However, I cannot answer specific questions without knowing your birth time. These charts would be called Prashna charts.  Yes you can still have a reading.

What is your refund procedure? I return 50 % of the session fee once the time is scheduled and the chart is made.

Do you do discounted packages of readings?  Yes, I offer series with discounts for Skype/ FaceTime or phone calls, but due to paying studios cannot do this for in person sessions.

What is the procedure for cancelling a scheduled appointment? If it is an emergency then I am happy to reschedule you.  Other cancellations pay 50 % because I have limited time in the USA and usually have booked studio space for which I have to pay.

What information do I need to provide for a Jyotish reading? I need your birth time, date and place.  If you have a general idea we can deduce the time from various questions, but it is virtually impossible to do this without a concept of time of day. Consultations are 50 minutes ($150) or 90 minutes ($200).

What can astrology do? Jyotish can tell you why things are happening in your life.  It can tell you what happened in the past, and what will happen.  This is your Karmic weather report.  This tells you what is going on in yourself, and what is external.  Jyotish can explain why things are happening the way they are in your life.  It is a beautiful reflection and gives you perspective so we can put things in terms of spirituality.  It helps you to realize what you can change and you can’t so that you can make proper decisions in your life.  Some karma we have in life is like a line in water, some in sand and some in concrete.

What can I expect to gain from my first reading? An introductory reading includes a general reading and a few questions. Your chart has sub charts and the information could fill an encyclopedia set.  I like people to start with an introduction, and then do a series of readings.  It is much easier to find out what to do with spiritual practices with a map and a tour guide than to wander around in the dark.  We can choose which karmic baggage we want to drop first.  We can spend years doing mantras and spiritual practices so it is much better to have a specific plan with someone who has spent years chanting millions of mantras.