Learn Astrology-Free Video Classes

The best way to start to learn astrology is to chant the mantras for the planets, and to become familiar with the characteristics of the planets.  By chanting the mantras to the planets, we become attuned to their vibrations.  Everything in the universe is about being in harmony with the Universe.  The planets in the charts represent the different types of delusion that we are under.  We can specificually what our karma and conditioning is in the Jyotish chart.

There are 9 planets or grahas.  They are not all real planets.  There is the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu.  Rahu and Ketu are karmic nodes of the moon that can only be seen during eclipses.  They represent spiritual changes in our life.  There are many good videos on my you-tube channel.  You can subscribe to the channel to continue to learn as each video is added.  The more you watch and listen, the more you will learn.

There are many videos on this site that you can down load and watch to learn how to start to study astrology for yourself.  This is to help you bring your life more int harmony.  Since Jyotish (Eastern Astrology) is the study of Dharma (morality) or what our karmic lessons are for this lifetime, the more you come into harmony the better.  We do this through the mantras and actions.  These actions are called remedies for the planets.  We also have to look at the current actions we are performing (which includes thoughts) to make sure we are not countering our progress.