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Mantra Consultations are available for those who want them or for people who do not have birth times. Gauri has chanted millions of mantras and can help guide you to a mantra that is good for what is going on in your life, or what you want to create.  Otherwise it is like looking around in the dark. There is a real science beyond choosing the right mantra for you.   During a consultation, Gauri will listen to what is going on in your life and help determine what mantras can help you. Jyotish readings (eastern astrology or Vedic astrology) use birth date (day, month, year) and birth place (city and state) and birth time (exact time).    This creates a map of the sky at the moment of your birth which reflects your Parabhada Karma for this lifetime.  The Parabhada karma is the type of karma that cannot be changed.  We can change how these vibrations are affecting us by chanting mantras to remedy different influences.  You can do a reading to understand the past, or know what is going to happen in the future.  Mantras are optional. You can also chose to have a puja done (a ceremony) don’t on your behalf to help with these remedies.

Consultations are $175 for 50 minutes or $225 for 90 minutes.  

You can also have a relationship chart comparison done for $250 for 90 minutes.

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