New Moon in Swati October 30

October 28, 2016

New moon October 30th in Swati in Libra

Right now is the celebration of Diwali, which is the festival of light.  We are celebrating light prevailing over darkness as well as abundance and prosperity.  Between Diwali and the New Moon it’s a great time for a puja.  There is one on Sunday October 30th from 9 am to 12 noon.  You can participate in Absence and send in intentions to receive the energy and karma burning, or if you live locally you can come to 15 executive drive Farmington ct at Soma Wellness Center.  Payment in person is cash or check or you can pay via paypal or check.  Message me for details. The ending of Diwali is technically Saturday, and this is a great day to chant Lakshmi mantras.


The New Moon in the star sign (Nakshastra) of Swati in the zodiac sign of Libra is ruled by Vayu (wind).  This is the Father of Lord Hanuman (prana or life force energy).  Hanuman is our life force energy. I love this mantra, Aum Hum Hanumate Ramaha which helps us to direct our prana to more spiritual activities.  Hanuman is the servant of the divine.  Where are you directing your energy and where is it getting drained? Swati is ruled by Rahu, which helps us to make sudden leaps forward.  Swati attributes are independence, travel and free moving.  Swati’s main focus is on artha (novel wealth) and is one of the wives of the Sun.

Venus and Saturn are also conjunct right now in Scorpio.  Venus and Saturn are friends because they are both malefic or more difficult energies.  Venus has more to do with the world, romance, money and relationships while Saturn is more austere and monk like.  Saturn wants us to live a simple life and focus on the Divine and Venus wants us to go into the world and live out desires.  On a deep level, they help eah other.  Only when they are purified though can they really be in harmony.  On a purer level, Venus is devotion and love for the scriptures.  Saturn wants us to understand our deep spiritual lessons.  This is a good time to look at our priorities, and the different spiritual and worldly desires.  Ultimately they will be in alignment together.  Do your desires bring you closer to the Divine or further away?

Right now we are in Kal Sarpa Yoga, which is when all of the planets are between the two karmic nodes of the moon, Rahu and Ketu.  The karmic nodes of the Moon bring up deep emotions for us from our subconscious mind and subtle body.  Some of my favorite things for deep emotions are green juices, inversions, sun salutations and of course pranayama.  This alignment will last two weeks so use it as a time to let go of deep fears and emotions.  Also recognize when the emotions are coming up from the inside, and do not attribute them to external things.   My Guru often talks about seeing the difference between what is a snake (what you really need to worry about) and a rope (looks like a snake, but don’t worry).  We need to clear our minds and learn to discern where we need to take action and where we need to surrender to the Divine.

This is a great time for a Jyotish (Eastern Astrology) reading where you can see what youre deepest karmic lessons are.  You can message me to set up a private session to see how the world astrology is acting in your chart.

Have a beautiful day!

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