Wearing Certain Colors to Remedy Karma

August 18, 2015


Eastern Astrology and the Colors

Color has a vibration. Eastern Astrology is about cleaning up your karmic messes so that you can live a harmonious life and help others. Whatever vibration we put out, that is what we attract. This is on a very deep level and also works with other practices such as mantras. Each planet corresponds to a day of the week:

Moon Monday. White is the color for today. Shiva mantras are good to chant. The Moon teaches us how to work with our mind and still the mind This is a great day for meditation and also service to the Mother.

Mars and Ketu Tuesday Red or pink. Mars we want to purify so that we understand the nature of conflict. The first step is to come into harmony with the planets. Attuning to them and connecting with them on their day is helpful. Red can also increase anger so with Mars we really have to purify. Chanting Mars mantras is good for this. Always watch if your actions are contributing to peace or conflict. Balancing with Mars is about reducing conflict and getting things done. Impure Mars can be destructive.

We also never want to heighten the karmic nodes of the Moon, which are Rahu and Ketu. Ketu is brown or grey, multi color or animal print. Eating meat heightens the karmic nodes. For example, if you have survival fears, then you will heighten those fears by consuming something that was killed. You take on the consciousness and the karma of the animal.

Mercury Wednesday Green. Good for communication and the nervous system. Wonderful for financial wealth and meditation. This is the heart chakra.

Jupiter Thursday Yellow or orange. Great for spiritual teaching. Jupiter really helps for marriage as well. Jupiter is optimistic and rules over expansion of consciousness. Donating anything that is yellow or orange on Thursdays is a good remedy for Jupiter.

Venus Friday Venus is white. Some people say light pink. Sri Karunamayi told me it was white so I go with that because she is considered to be liberated. Friday is the day for Lakshmi. On the higher side Venus is scriptural study and devotion.

Saturn and Rahu Saturday Saturn is black. Rahu is blue. I was told that for Saturn people can wear light blue. However I wear white because I only want to purify the effects of Saturn. I do not want to amplify the effects at all. This is the greatest teacher of our spiritual lessons. In general this is the deepest karma. Of course to know what the deepest karma is for IMG_0600you specifically, then you can have your chart done. http://www.gaurismantrameditation.com

Saturday is a day to get work done. Saturn does not like enjoyment on his day and this increases negative karma. This is a great day to offer service to others, especially those in poverty or the elderly. One great remedy for Saturn is to donate your weight in black clothes.

Sun Sunday. Sunday is a day of celebration. The color is also white. This is a great day to do practices. Sunday is a great day for any solar practices such as Sun Salutations and the Gayatri mantra.

Another way to work with the planets is to connect their yantras with their days of the week. Yantras are sacred geometic symbols that create the vibration of the deity. For example the Sri Yantra corresponds to the symbol of Om. When we look at the water studies we see how the water molecules change based on words or symbols. Om or Aum creates a Sri Yantra. All the planets connect to different yantras. Check out my yoga pants line to remedy each planet every day!