Ways to Increase the Mantra Practice

August 18, 2015

Ways to Increase the Mantra Practice:

  1. Fast or do a modified fast. This can be anything from a green juice cleanse, kitcheri cleanse or water cleanse. This depends on your normal diet, what your health state is as well as what your doctor says. Always consult a medical health professional. Fasting is meant to minimize the needs of the physical body so we can focus more on spiritual life.
  2. Observe silence for an hour a day and/or one day a week. This helps to conserve spiritual energy and purify the throat chakra.
  3. Write the mantra. Writing the mantra gives a lot of great focus.
  4. Make donations. Donating helps to develop the aspect of charity within us. We need this in order to purify our minds.
  5. Do some volunteer work. Seva (selfless service) is about the attitude of Karma Yoga. Ultimately it does not matter if we receive money for our service or not, but it is our attitude. This can be developed by doing volunteer work.
  6. Without the foundation of the yamas and niyamas (morality) it is impossible for us to progress spiritually.
  7. Have a puja or homa done every 100,000 repetitions. Those can be booked on my website.
  8. Find out what specifically you need to do to remedy karma by having a Jyotish reading.
  9.  Join the free mantra chanting teleconference line and get the benefit of the group energy every day.

Aum Namah ShivayahIMG_1186

Aum Namah Shivayah is a very powerful mantra and is the essence of the Siddha path. If you chant this mantra, eventually you will bring all of the elements in your life under control. How long this takes depends on everyone’s individual karma. This means that this could take you many years in this life time, or multiple life times. Jyotish (eastern astrology) is a good way to learn about your specific karma.

Aum (Mind) Na (Earth) Ma (Water) Shi (Fire) Va (air) Ya (Ether)

Na is also Brahma. Ma is Vishnu and binds the soul to the wheel of death and rebirth. Shi is Shiva, usually in the form of Rudra. Va is Shivas Grace and the spiritual energy of liberation. Ya is the individual soul (called Jiva in Sanskrit).IMG_1184