Backpacks for the Homeless

August 18, 2015

Seva or Service to others is so important.  What I like to do is to make backpacks.  So often we give what we have extra of, or what we do not want anymore.  But we do not neccessarily give what is good for the other person.

First I go to Goodwill and I get a backpack.  They get excess and overstock from places like Target.  The backpacks are new.  Then I go to the dollar store and pick out items:

1. Pens and Notebooks

2. Small personal hygeine items such as a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, mirror

3. Socks, hats, gloves and scarves (these can also be found at Goodwill

4. peanut butter

5. plastic utensils

6. nuts

7. water bottle- I like to give an empty refillable one and also one filled with water

8. tea bags and instant soup mixes

9. applesauce or other fruit cups

10. canned fish- I try to think of items that will be a good meal or that will be able to eaten for multiple meals

Any other items that you feel are good.  I always put info about mantras as well as malas!


Whenever we help others we are serving the Divine and also really helping ourselves. This is a great remedy for Rahu, Saturn and Mars.  This really helps to create abundance.  When we think about it, most of us really have what we need so there is no need to fear having what we need.  When we give Grace to others then that is what we will receive from the Universe in return.