What to do if I have fallen off my mantra practice?

April 20, 2015

So you have fallen off your mantra practice.  Do not fear, all is not lost. One thing about spiritual practice is it is one of the few things we can never lose!  In this life we leave behind our wealth, our family, our friends and even our physical body, but we never lose the kindness we give to others or the effects of our practices.

Simply we start again.  Now you have learned what is needed for a mantra practice, and you can begin again.  Do the 40 Day mantra challenge and use that support!  Set the time and place for your practice, the mantra and the amount of time you will practice each day.  This time you may want to keep a spiritual journal and so we can gather data to see where we fell off and what the obstacles were.

I like to make a recording of the mantras and play them on my laptop or ipod.  This helps me to have them worked into my day.  The vibrations are working on me and helping the clear the karma in the subtle and physical body.  They are creating new neural nets in the brain. This really helps to be more successful!

Some people say they are too tired or do not have enough time.  I recommend committing to one mala, 108 times a day for 40 days.  This will get your practice moving.  Also, the 3 positions of meditation are seated, laying and walking  Even if it is laying in bed at night, there is a chance to get your mantra practice in.

Learning more about mantra is also a great idea!  You can check out my you tube channel for lots of good FREE INFORMATION:

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This is why I advocate working together on the 40 day cycle.  This allows me to serve you the best. I get to know you more and we can go deeply into the practices and really see what is happening.  We can systematically go through the karma as it comes up.  It really helps to have someone who has a strong practice to be able to support you through everything.  Check out the testimonials and get motivated to see how people’s lives change by working continuously.  You are worth it!!

Be patient with yourself and remember that resistance comes up.  As yogis we are walking up stream.  We live in a world of duality, with positive and negative forces.  We need to know how to combat these forces on a very real level.  This is where it helps to have someone who has been through this.  After having spent most of the last 8 years in an ashram and working deeply on myself using mantra, I am uniquely qualified to help support you.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity!

So get your mala, set your schedule and see again after a few weeks how much better you feel!  Here also is a video to help motivate you!

Motivational Video on You tube