Help yourself make your life better!

April 6, 2015

Are you living the life of your dreams?  It sounds so clique but it really is possible to take your life and turn it around.  There are a number of problems that we need to deal with, and things in life will always come up.  But there is still a part of life that we can truly influence for the better.  Its just that most of us dont know how to do it, or dont think that we can do it.  TO be honest, it sounds New Age to me, and I am not the biggest fan of that.  I like a more solid approach.  And thats why I like mantra and Jyotish (Eastern Astrology).

Mantras are sets of scientific words that were seen by rishis (seers in deep states of consciousness).  Sanskrit is a vibrational language.  There are 50 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, and 50 petals on chakras one through six.  Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a petal on the chakras.  The letters are made up of the 5 elements and work with the substratum of creation.

How does this help you?

We all have karmic blocks which are stored thought forms and emotions from previous lives.  We all have certain conditioning in our subconscious.  We can change our sub conscious and we can clear these blocks.  What inner resonance we have is being reflected externally.  I used to be that girl who had so much going for her yet seemed to choose men who were not healthy for her.  I always wondered how that worked.  I mean I was placing myself in healthy places yet I always seemed to find that one guy who was going to bring so much chaos to my life.  When I started working with mantras to heal relationships, I realized that the tangible external steps were not enough.  We needed to clear what was under the surface, and we needed Grace.

This is where Jyotish became very handy for me.  I could see what was stored there.  I am still working on what I know needs to be worked through for all aspects of my life.  The next step with Jyotish is to prevent future misery.  Once the karmic seeds sprout, we already have a mess on our hands and there needs to be a greater force to counter that misery.  Jyotish tells us what is in the subconscious, what seeds have been planted and what is going to happen. Then we can choose specific mantras to work through the difficulties.

I would love to share this wonderful tool with you!   Contact me if I can serve you in anyway.