How can a Jyotish Astrology reading help my Yoga or spiritual practice?

August 22, 2014

Jyotish or Eastern Astrology tells us what our Parabhada  karma is for this lifetime.  When we can understand what has happened and what is going to happen, we can make better choices.  This is like looking at our life from being on top of the mountain.

When you come for a reading, we will go over your chart in general and discuss any of your immediate concerns.  For some people this is all they are looking for.  Other people who want to work through issues come and get started with mantras and a basic daily sadhana (set of spiritual practices) that takes about a half hour.  In this way you have a concrete way, with support, of working through your karmic issues.  Generally people go home feeling great with mantras to work with for 40 days and then they check back in and continue.  Many people work with me every 40 days, some with financial concerns come every 90 days.  Each time we can go deeper with the chart as it is like an encyclopedia of information.  Karma will come up and it can be difficult to recognize or understand what is going on.  It can be hard to make the shift in consciousness to seeing everything as spiritual.

Mantras strengthen our chakras ability to hold light. Yoga is designed to prepare the body for these deeper practices.  Whenever you do multiple spiritual practices together, they have a synergistic effect like doing weight lifting and cardio instead of just one or the other.  Mantra can really charge all of your other practices!  The mantras can work with other spiritual practices-they do not conflict.  People of all religious or atheist backgrounds come for readings.  I usually start people with one mantra (simply passing info along as I am not a Guru and do not initiate obviously).  The mantra will take about 10 minutes to chant seated, and then it can be chanted silently as many times throughout the day while you go about your daily activities if you wish.  If you do other practices you can consider doing this only as a seated practice.

Since I have literally chanted millions and millions of mantras in India I know A LOT about them and can really help you much more than simply picking one from a book.  That is like going to an herablist verses just picking out an herb from something you read on line.  There are  a lot of factors that you may not consider or know to consider because things can be complicated.  For example, a health issue can come from a lack of protection or mainly from a planetary issue so remedy mantras for health will not be sufficient.  There is a ton of information in the birth chart.  If you do not know your time you can get it from the hospital (try there first) where you were born or the town hall.  The hospital usually is just a phone call and is free.  The town hall usually requires a form and there may be a charge.  If you have a general idea of your birth time for an additional charge I can help you deduce it. If you have no way to get your birth time such as if you were adopted we can do a mantra consult and still have great success.

There are many problems that will arise as we do spiritual practices and go through a karmic purification.  Jyotish can help you navigate those and work through them easier and faster.  In the chart we can see good times to move, change jobs, have kids, etc, or see why issues have been happening.  Generally you need some harmony in your life so that you can do steady spiritual practices, otherwise things can be too chaotic to do regular practice.  We really cannot progress without regular practice.  In India, Jyotish is common place and done right with Yoga and Meditation.  Jyotish comes from the same tree as Yoga and Ayurveda and is a spiritual practice in itself.  The chart can also show problems that are yet to come.  So there are multiple ways to use/benefit from Jyotish readings and many benefits for your spiritual practices as well as general harmony in your life.  I still think about things said to me in Jyotish readings and how they apply to me, many years later.  Just like Ayurveda is starting to spread now, I am sure Jyotish will follow as the deeper practices start to take hold in the West.

I also offer for free, a daily mantra chanting teleconference every morning at 7 am.  You simply dial the number and the put in the code.  I mute everyone out so you an chant along, listen, rest, take your kids to school, etc.  Even though its best to sit and meditate, if you are close to the fire you will still feel heat.  When you subscribe to my newsletter I send out the code.