Mantra Chanting Meditation

August 5, 2014

How do mantras work?

Mantras are powerful Sanskrit sounds that create divine frequencies and burn negative karma.  Mantras are tools for spiritual power.  Mantras are made up of Sanskrit words.  Sanskrit is a vibrational language made up of 50 sounds.  Each sound corresponds to a petal on the first 6 chakras.  “Manas” means mind and “tra” means to set free.  By silently chanting these words, you are energizing prana and creating a specific vibration in your subtle body.  The heat generated from the practice burns any karmic debris in the subtle body.  The intention of the mantra gives a specific flavor.  They are a form of bhakti yoga (a way to connect to God through devotion).  You become whatever you think.  Mantras are spiritual formulas producing a specific result, previously tested and verified by an ancient sage.  Which mantra you do is guided by what you would like to accomplish.


Does it matter if I am a beginner or advanced?

Mantra chanting meditation is great for people of all levels.  Chanting mantras is a very deep practice, and can really help with spiritual growth.  Mantra chanting is a great way to make progress and anyone can do it.  Yoga asana (postures) is a wonderful practice, but sometimes people are too ill or have disabilities that prevent them from doing this practice.  Mantra chanting is accessible to anyone and everyone.   It is also a very strong practice which helps you to see results tangibly.  Spirituality can be very esoteric and mantra chanting can help us measure something concretely.  This is done by chanting a specific mantra over a period of time and introspecting about the results. Mantras are a powerful tool for deep healing.


Great! What is a good way to start?

You can start by chanting a basic mantra such as Om Gum Ganapateyei Namaha.  You can also use Jyotish (called eastern astrology or Vedic astrology) to look specifically at what your karma is for this lifetime.   Using a tool like Jyotish can help you work specifically on what is needed, verses just looking around in the dark. If you are interested in a reading you can book one on this website.