Cuts in the Cornea: Two people, Two different karmas

March 19, 2014

Both Vishwanath and I had cuts on our corneas during the past two weeks.  My cut was much more complicated because it included an inflammation.  This is because Ketu is over my ascendant.  Ketu complicates everything!  Also, mine took much longer to heal because Saturn’s dristi (line of sight) is over my ascendent and Saturn slows everything down.  The karma became activated because I am in Mars/Rahu dasa.  Mars can cause sudden injuries and Rahu causes storms.  Because Moon is also my ascendant, I received a loving and caring female doctor.  This all happened during a Jupiter transit which gave me much needed Grace and a doctor who is an expert in her field.

Vishwanath’s cut also came as a result of Rahu.  He is in Rahu/Saturn.  His co-workers were in the same work environment without eye protection.  Even though he had eye protection, he still managed to cut his eye because some negative karma was ripening.   Because of the placement of Rahu in the 12th house, he has connections with foreigners.  He ended up with a different doctor because mine was not working the day he cut his eye.  Interesting karma!  His doctor was also from Pakistan, showing his karma with foreigners.  Even though he is in Saturn, his Saturn does not influence his physical body, so he healed very quickly.

A great example of Agami karma:  When I cut my eye, Vishwanath would not put the ointment in my eye.  Then when he cut his eye, he looked to me to put the ointment in his lid for him.  I told him to learn how to do it clearly with his doctor because well, what goes around comes around!